Everyone it seems is looking for something to stream on their phone or TV. There are plenty of streaming services available as well as shows to choose from. However, Disney+ has 3 offerings that everyone is talking about right now!

Hamilton – On July 3rd, Disney+ released a filmed version of the Broadway award-winning musical Hamilton. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical biography about the first U.S. treasury secretary won 11 Tonys. This musical’s lyrics are so fast paced, one of the top songs “My Shot” comes in at an incredible 3.36 words per second. This show is a must see for anyone who loves, musicals, history or great storytelling.

Black is King – A film by Beyoncé – According to NPR, Beyoncé’s Black Is King is “a sumptuous search for divine identity.”. It was released on Friday, July 31st. NPR described it as, “A visual companion to the album The Gift — itself a companion to the release of the live-action remake of Disney’s The Lion King — Black Is King is a retelling, of sorts, of the same story. This time though, it centers on ideas of Black belonging and regality. How has Blackness existed in the past? What does it mean in the present? How might it look in the future? In this extended metaphor, “king” is a synonym for the innate greatness that has been stolen from Black people the world over. With this project, Beyoncé seeks to restore that greatness to those of her lineage.” The imagery in this film is stunning!

Mulan – coming Sept. 4th.According to CNET, Disney will release its live-action film Mulan online through its Disney Plus service on Sept. 4, but it won’t be included as part of a standard subscription. Mulan will cost $30 in the US in addition to Disney Plus‘ regular subscription fee, and it will be priced at roughly the same amount in international markets where it’ll be available online too, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a number of countries in Western Europe.” The buzz for this movie is everywhere.

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