Another look at wearing a mask

The subject of wearing a mask during this pandemic is everywhere you look. It’s on TV, all over social media and in the newspapers. Our country has become so partisan, it seemed like wearing a mask to help fight Covid-19 was also going to follow suit.

However, the tide began to change when the president posted on Twitter an image of himself wearing a mask. Since then, more states are mandating their residents wear a mask (like in this graphic from CNBC).

We’ve done a variety of posts about wearing masks as well as the installation of dividers in your car and we thought now it might be a good time for a refresher.. So if you missed any one of them you can now catch up.


I know that wearing a mask can be uncomfortable, especially during the hottest months of the year. But please remember, the inconvenience we feel right now will save the lives of those around us and will help to build back our economy that we all want!


Tomorrow: A great book on the tales of being an Uber Driver

One of the must have apps is Mystro* and unfortunately is only available on Android. If you are an iPhone user, there is a work around – by tethering your IPhone to a second android phone. Mystro allows users to seamlessly look for rides on both Uber and Postmates platforms at the same time. You can accept trips hands-free and filter out certain kinds of trips like UberPool (currently suspended due to Covid-19). The app also allows you to filter trips by tier type. For instance, if you only want to accept Uber XL trips from the Uber app, you can do that. It is a great app to have but it is not free. You can either pay a small fee per ride, pay by the month or pay up front for a year. The choice is yours, but this app will quickly pay for itself because it will help to keep you busy making more money.

Because you are going to be busy, you will need to purchase more gas. GasBuddy allows you to find the nearest gas station to you when you are running low. And the app is free! If you need directions, it will map out directions using GPS. Now, if you don’t mind driving a little further, GasBuddy will also help you find the gas station with the cheapest price. Their price tracker is constantly being updated and I have found the app to be pretty accurate.

Just because you are at a gas station doesn’t mean their restrooms are in service.  All too often when you need to “go” you are faced with an “Out of Order” sign hanging on the facility’s door. Having the Flush App on your phone will quickly find you a place to “go.” This free app uses crowdsourcing to locate which restrooms are open, so it is pretty up to date. You can even search for restrooms with internet connections. Given that so many of your regular go-to places are likely closed right now, using this app is exactly what we need during times like these. 

*Please note the endorsement of these apps was made without any form of compensation.

Tomorrow: 3 more apps every rideshare driver should have on their phone!

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