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Prevent being scammed out of your Instant Pay account

There’s been an uptick in a scam affecting us drivers. It may not be new but it is occurring a lot more. Someone contacts you pretending to be Uber or
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Dividers in your car?

The Coronavirus has changed so many aspects of our lives. We’re all washing our hands more, wearing a mask and staying six feet away from people. But what’s changed in
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Checking the backseat after every trip

Being a rideshare driver can be fun but also exhausting. We do a lot of freeway driving, often in traffic and while working long hours. We try to do our
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6 things to look for when buying a dash camera for rideshare

Everyone is talking about dash cameras for their cars, especially rideshare drivers. It is a great way to protect yourself. It can prove you were not at fault in an
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