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Register your dashcam with Uber, yes or no?

Drivers recently received an email asking them  to register their dash cameras with Uber. Some drivers are hesitant to do so. However, there are a lot of advantages if you
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Unaccompanied minors in your car, what you need to know!

Being a rideshare driver comes with many hazards like drunk drivers and riders, car crashes and more. One hazard not often mentioned is unaccompanied minors requesting a ride.   Neither Uber
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Rideshare drivers, protecting yourself after a car crash

For rideshare drivers, your car is your money maker. Getting into an accident –  whether you are at fault or not – is traumatic and costly. The moments following the
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5 great tips for car care in the summer

Keeping our cars in top shape is important year-round. However, when it comes to summertime there are some specific considerations to take into account. The Automotive Training Center suggests the
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