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Your car smells like weed because of your last rider, now what?

Most of us have experienced a rider in our cars smelling of weed. Not only can the smell be unpleasant for us drivers but it can be problematic for our
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Rideshare rider requests are up in Asia and South America, is North America next?

We have all heard of the financial woes of Uber. As far as ridership, Covid 19 has meant few people taking rides, especially here in the US.  According to a
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New Lyft program – More rides but for less money

Back in September, Lyft began a new program called “Priority Mode”. So far the reviews of the program are not positive. The program which drivers must opt in, requires them
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Fewer drivers using their turning signals

As rideshare/delivery drivers, our workday is spent on the road. I know many of you share the same pet peeve I have, people not using the turning signals.  Using your
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