Picture of a car tire being brushed by a sudsy car wash brush. Photo by Adrian Dascal on Unsplash.

Keeping your car cleaned both inside and out is an important part of being a Rideshare Driver. Riders notice a clean car. However, they also notice a dirty car, and worse yet, they’ll let you know with a bad rating and no tip.

Doing your own car washes is always the most economical for those with access and the energy to do so. Unfortunately, many drivers live in urban areas without access to a hose or a power outlet for a vacuum. 

Filling up your car at a gas station and adding on a car wash can be the most convenient option. The problem is gas station car washes are often low quality. Over time, this option can dull your car’s clear coat finish and decrease your car’s resale value. 

Taking your car to a dedicated car wash location is more expensive but often provides a better result. These locations offer two types: cloth, and touch-less. I prefer a touch-less wash because it simply uses the power of water and soap to clean my car and nothing else. Howstuffworks does a great job explaining the difference between these two and how these systems work. Try searching for a location that offers a monthly fee for unlimited cleaning inside and out. I found my spot by Googling touch-less car washes and then reading their reviews.

The final option is a mobile car wash service. This is the most expensive option with prices starting at $49.00 per wash or more. They bring everything – including the water – making it very convenient. These companies often do oil changes for an additional fee so this may be the perfect option for you.

Remember that whichever method you choose, the costs are all tax-deductible. Make sure you save your receipts and keep good records.

Whether you are bathing yourself or your car, clean just feels good!

Photo by Adrian Dascal on Unsplash for FindByPlate.

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