What to say to a rider when you made a mistake?

In rideshare, there are plenty of opportunities for mistakes for both the rider and the driver. Even the most skilled drivers make mistakes in the car. However, just because you’ve made a mistake does not mean you should expect no tip and a bad rating. It is how you handle your mistake that makes the difference.

Below are the 3 steps you should follow for any mistake you make will driving for a rideshare company, This example is based on a wrong turn but the principals can be applied to any error:

  1. Admit your mistake by starting with an apology. For example, “I am so sorry I missed that turn.” 
  2. Explain how you are going to fix your mistake. For example, “If I go right here and then a quick left, we will be right back on track.”
  3. Move on from the mistake by changing the subject. “Isn’t today a scorcher, any idea when it’s going to cool down?”

Being upfront about your mistake while providing a solution without dwelling on the issue is the most effective way to resolve any problem in customer service.

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Since Uber bought Postmates, what does it mean for drivers?

Uber’s acquisition of Postmates was all over the news including in the New York Times. Uber continues to look beyond just rideshare for income. Though it may seem like a great deal for Uber because it raises their share to 37% of the food delivery business, what does it mean for drivers?

According to Fortune Magazine, some people believe it will benefit drivers. That is because the increase in members gives drivers more power to bargain with Uber for things like increased pay and job security. Others believe that there the purchase of Postmates will further increase the number of orders drivers can have and thus increase their take home pay.

However, there are some drivers who naturally have concerns about how this will all play out. One such group are former Uber drivers who switched over to Postmates after being deactivated by Uber for various reasons. It’s easy to understand why they would now worry about a second deactivation! We shall see how things play out over the next several months.

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