3 apps every rideshare driver should have on their phone – part 1

Apps on our phones have really changed so much of what we do in our lives. This also holds true for us rideshare drivers. Simply having an app with GPS has truly been a game changer. But beyond a GPS app, what other apps should we have on our phones that will help us be successful while driving around our cities and towns?

One of the must have apps is Mystro* and unfortunately is only available on Android. If you are an iPhone user, there is a work around – by tethering your IPhone to a second android phone. Mystro allows users to seamlessly look for rides on both Uber and Postmates platforms at the same time. You can accept trips hands-free and filter out certain kinds of trips like UberPool (currently suspended due to Covid-19). The app also allows you to filter trips by tier type. For instance, if you only want to accept Uber XL trips from the Uber app, you can do that. It is a great app to have but it is not free. You can either pay a small fee per ride, pay by the month or pay up front for a year. The choice is yours, but this app will quickly pay for itself because it will help to keep you busy making more money.

Because you are going to be busy, you will need to purchase more gas. GasBuddy allows you to find the nearest gas station to you when you are running low. And the app is free! If you need directions, it will map out directions using GPS. Now, if you don’t mind driving a little further, GasBuddy will also help you find the gas station with the cheapest price. Their price tracker is constantly being updated and I have found the app to be pretty accurate.

Just because you are at a gas station doesn’t mean their restrooms are in service.  All too often when you need to “go” you are faced with an “Out of Order” sign hanging on the facility’s door. Having the Flush App on your phone will quickly find you a place to “go.” This free app uses crowdsourcing to locate which restrooms are open, so it is pretty up to date. You can even search for restrooms with internet connections. Given that so many of your regular go-to places are likely closed right now, using this app is exactly what we need during times like these. 

*Please note the endorsement of these apps was made without any form of compensation.

Tomorrow: 3 more apps every rideshare driver should have on their phone!

What to do with all of the pictures on your phone?

Technology has allowed us to take pictures whenever we want. Gone are the days lugging around a camera; we now catch amazing photos on our phones. Whether you are taking selfies, landscapes or life’s memorable moments, if your phone is like mine, it is packed with photos and getting fuller every day. But what do you do with all of those photos and how can you find one when you’re looking for it?

The best way to get started is to get organized. For iPhone users, Artifact Uprising has 10 great tips to help you organize your photos, including setting your favorites, creating albums, embracing the delete button and more! For Android users, Google Support provides you with instructions on creating and editing photo albums on your phone.

Once you have everything organized, you may want to choose to have some of them printed. Today there are so many options like Walgreens, CVS and Walmart all have services where you upload your pictures through their app or online and then pick up the hard copies at your local store or have them mailed out to your home. Amazon offers a similar service but without a brick and mortar location for pickup.

A popular option is to have your photos made into something you can hang on your wall. With Mixtile you can upload your favorite photos and they will print them out on an 8”x8” photo board that is backed with an adhesive for easy mounting. You can also rearrange them on your wall without damage to the paint.

A unique option although more expensive is to have your pictures printed on glass. With Fracture Me you are not limited to just one size and the photo quality is really spectacular. This is the way to go for those truly special photos you want to hang on your wall like a piece of art. 

So many of us have more time on our hands due to Covid-19, so this is the perfect time to get organized and do something special with all of those memories hidden on our phones.

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