Many ridershare riders use services like Uber and Lyft because they have been drinking and do not want to drive drunk. Organizations like MADD have endorsed using Uber to reduce drunk driving. We as rideshare drivers play an important role in reducing DUIs but run the risk of a rider vomiting in our cars.

What can we do as drivers to prepare for the risk of a vomiting rider? 

Do not drive during the evening and nighttime hours – If you choose not to drive during these hours, then you lower the risk. However, these hours can be very profitable especially on weekends. 

Look for signs of a drunk rider – If you know the rider who is about to get in your car is drunk, you can be prepared. You change your driving style by driving slower and avoiding sharp turns. Ask the rider to let you know if they start to not feel well. Tell them you will be happy to pull over if needed. Lastly, remain calm and have a vomit bag ready to pass to the rider at the first signs that things are not going well.

Know how to file a claim with Uber or Lyft – Even drivers who are extremely well prepared may still not be able to prevent this from happening. Make sure you know in advance what your rideshare platform requires to file a claim. Next, if you do not want to do the cleaning yourself, find a good car detailer in advance. (We do not advise cleaning your car. Handling bodily fluids during Covid-19 or at anytime is better left to professionals)

Following all of the above can make the risk of vomit in your car a lot more manageable.

Monday: Drivers are responsible for checking IDs when delivering alcohol

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