The Coronavirus has changed so many aspects of our lives. We’re all washing our hands more, wearing a mask and staying six feet away from people. But what’s changed in our cars?

Rideshare company policies have both riders and drivers wearing a mask. Furthermore, passengers can only sit in the back seat for now. Getting vaccinated can help protect us but is there more we can do?

Many drivers are planning to or already have installed a partition between the front and back seats. Taking this extra step is a personal decision, but what goes into this process? I’ve done some research and found dividers ranging from plastic shower curtains to perfectly cut plexiglass professionally installed. Amazon has a wide range of products to choose from with price points to match. Here is the link for the one pictured above in this blog and is available from Amazon.

The challenge with Amazon is finding one that will fit your car, looks good, and protects you and your rider from the virus. Furthermore, you want to make sure that the divider won’t become a hazard should you get into an accident. Because each car’s interior design is different, it will be difficult to find one that fits your car through an online purchase. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try, but be prepared to make several purchases and returns.

Of course, Amazon is not the only retailer offering partitions. You can also try companies like Rideshare Safety Partition – they are selling dividers as well and are worth a look.

An alternative to shopping online is to work with a local installer.Try contacting local repair shops that deal with Limo operators. Limousine operators have been ramping up for the return of travelers and have been installing these dividers in their fleet of cars with great success. 

One last thing to remember is that this installation is for your business and is tax write-off so, save your receipts!

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