Rideshare drivers come in all shapes and sizes and what drivers wear while driving is just as varied. Although neither Uber nor Lyft have a dress code, you might want to reconsider before putting on those sweatpants you just pulled out of the dirty clothes hamper.

Being a rideshare driver is more about customer service than anything else. Part of that service is not only how you present your car but also how you present yourself. We judge people everyday without realizing we are doing it. If you were at a restaurant and the waiter serving you looked like they just rolled out of bed, how would you tip them? This is true for any customer service job, including rideshare. Riders are not expecting a suit but having clean clothes is a good start. I recommend a nice pair of jeans and a collared shirt, something nicer than just a t-shirt. 

Now if you plan on driving for Uber Premium you should consider a pair of dress pants and a proper dress shirt and possibly a sports coat. People are paying for a premium service and so they expect your presentation to be the same.

Remember, you are dressing to look somewhat professional not for yourself but your rider and their tips!

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