Don’t discount riders who say they will tip in the app!

You’ve just completed a trip and the rider says to you as they’re leaving, “Thank you, I’ll tip you in the app”. You turn your head, roll your eyes and give them 1 star. 

When it comes to earning tips from riders, many of us have been jaded. Tips that were promised by riders never appear in our accounts. No one can debate that the way you feel isn’t justified but are you jumping the gun?

When you complete a trip, a driver is prompted to rate the rider before moving on.  Riders rarely order a second Uber right away and thus are not prompted to rate you or give you a tip right away. In fact, it may be several days or longer before you receive their rating or a tip. Some riders aways tip, some never tip and others only tip when they feel you did really did a good job. The way you rate your rider should be based on how they conducted themselves in your car over the entire trip and not on what they said at the end of the trip. Neither riders nor drivers want to receive a 1 star rating especially if it wasn’t justified. Be patient, that tip may still be coming!

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