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  • Lessons and techniques designed to enhance customer service skills
  • 设有专门课程和技术去加强顾客服务技巧
  • Driver professionalism tips and basic safety concepts
  • 司机专业水平提示和基本安全概念
  • All skill levels welcome—both beginning and experienced
  • 欢迎不同水平的司机——新手和有经验的
  • Incorporates open discussions, video clips, map displays, and drawings
  • 包含公开讨论,录像,地图,和图画
  • Includes written course material and ends with a final exam
  • 提供课程资料和一个考试
I take this opportunity to thank Uber for arrangements made for me and other partners to attend this 4-5 hours intensive class and examinations afterwards. It was worth it and our instructor was awesome and made the class very interesting. The skills we were taught when applied will help all of us who took the course be better drivers and will help increase our ratings. Thanks once again Uber.

借此机会,我非常感谢Uber公司为我和其他伙伴安排的这次课程,还有在课程结束之后的一次考试。 这个课程十分值得我花时间去上,讲师非常出色,同时也使得课程很有趣。 当我们运用了在课程上学到的技巧之后,我们变得更好,同时评分也明显提高。再次感谢Uber公司。
— Michael D. (Uber X partner)

Please click the following link to sign up. You will need a credit card ready and a device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) that you can use to watch online videos.

请点击下面的链接注册课程. 你需要准备一张信用卡付费, 和一个能够上网的电子设备(电脑,平板电脑, 或者智能手机).

  • You will need a major credit card to register. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.
  • 你需要一张信用卡注册。我们接受MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

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