Get your cleaning and PPE products NOW from Uber or Lyft

On Dec 31st, unemployment insurance will run out for gig workers which includes rideshare and app-based food delivery drivers. There is a small chance Congress may pass an extension or new legislation. However, if Congress fails to act, those drivers who have not been driving will be forced to return to feed their families.

With the rate of infections increasing at an alarming rate across the country, all drivers will be looking for sources of PPE(personal protection equipment). Store shelves in many areas are already empty of things like Clorox wipes.  

Both Uber and Lyft offer PPE to their drivers. The distribution of these products varies by company and from city to city. 

Click here for instructions on how to claim yours from Uber. 

According to CNN Lyft is providing drivers free PPE at its Lyft stores. Lyft also has a program to help its drivers purchase and install plexiglass in their cars. 

If you already have a supply but need to re-up or haven’t received or purchased your PPE, the time to act is now! Demand for these items is sure to increase over the next several months.

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