Working in the gig economy means you do not have a boss hanging over your shoulder. You have a tremendous amount of freedom, which is great. You work whenever you want, which is usually what draws people to rideshare and food delivery to name a few. However, you do give up a lot especially when it comes to benefits! 

It does not appear that companies like Lyft and Uber will be offering everyone a great benefits package anytime soon. So, are there any benefit options available for people like us?

Recently, I discovered a new company that is offering help to gig workers for a monthly charge. The company is called Kover and I have no affiliation with them but I do find that what they offer could be helpful to many. Their quoting system is based on your data that comes directly from Uber, Lyft, Amazon Flex, Instacart, Postmates, Shipt, and others. Their services include things like sick leave, health insurance, help with deactivation, record keeping, and more. One of the most interesting benefits is income replacement if you are temporarily deactivated from an app. All in all, I believe it is worth your time to check them out!

Being prepared for unexpected events in life can bring all of us some peace of mind.

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