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Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to double-check that all the credit card information was entered correctly, especially the spelling of the name on the card, the billing address (which might be different from your home address), the CVV, and the balance on the card. There is usually an error message on the top of the page when payment won’t go through.

Try scrolling down to see the entire site, or using a laptop or desk top computer if you are on your phone. Check that you have spelled your name and email correctly, as well as your phone number.

The 7X7 Experience Course is not mandatory, but we offer tips and techniques for safety and professionalism to boost ratings. Taking the course and passing the test is one way to improve your skills in these areas.

The 7X7 Experience is lecture-based, consisting of about 60 minutes of intense instruction focused on safety and professionalism for rideshare drivers.


There is a multiple choice test at the end of the session. It is only on the material discussed during the session itself.

The course is available in many languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, French, and Korean. You can change the language of the course by using the drop-down box in the upper corner of the site. (Please note: you cannot access the drop-down box if the video is full-screen.)

The virtual course has closed captioning.

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