Established in 2014, 7x7 Experience quickly became a leader in workforce retention and quality improvement via our patented content and coaching methods, powered by our web-enabled api software.

CX POWERED | Driven by customer experience feedback, our customized programs address issues your customers have identified as pain points and weaknesses, and effectively manages improvement of your frontline workforce.

BRAND PERFORMANCE | Imagine having a way of directly coaching your frontline workforce in an economically viable way that improves your customers experience, brand performance and workforce retention.

SUCCESS | Our clients experience on average 83% customer service, technical aptitude and safety record improvement after implementing our coaching method, based on the clients’ own measurement methods. We move your workforce from poor performers to engaged promoters.

MANAGE CHANGE EFFECTIVELY | We can develop and implement a customized quality improvement and retention program in as little as 4-8 weeks. A program that will engage your key stakeholders, improve your customer experience and reduce your workforce turnover.

REDUCE COSTLY TURNOVER | Workforce turnover and poor customer service can cost your business millions. We have saved our clients millions in turnover, support and customer flight costs. Listen to your customers and speak to your workforce by engaging 7x7 Experience.

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