Our cars are our offices, and we are always inviting other people into our work spaces. More contact with more people means more opportunities for viral spread, unfortunately – but we can reduce the risks by cleaning our vehicles frequently.

However, every car is made up of multiple types of surfaces, and cleaning the wrong way – especially using something like bleach-based cleaners – may damage surfaces in the long run. Since your car is your office, you don’t want to damage your work space.

In general, you want to be especially careful of any touch screens and leather or cloth interiors. These materials require special care to keep clean, especially over the lifetime of your vehicle. 

This may be the time to look into vinyl seat covers if your car has a leather or cloth interior. Because the care instructions for vinyl are less intense compared to cloth or leather, it may be easier to clean, protecting both you and your rider.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about ways to manage social distancing in your vehicle.

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