Holiday decorations are up everywhere you look. Retailers seem to put up those decorations earlier each year but this year the general public is doing the same. According to WYMT-TV the reason is the pandemic. Since everyone is at home more, decorating is an activity that can bring joy to all those who see the lights and decorations. 

But what about Uber drivers and their cars? We’ve all seen those photos of drivers who have gone way over the top by decorating both the inside and outside of their vehicles, but is this a good idea? If you want to celebrate the holidays, go ahead and add a few decorations and maybe some lights but keep it simple. Another idea might be to include some decorations that celebrate other holidays outside of Christmas like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Make sure that anything you do add to your can does not impede vision or cause a safety hazard in your car.

No matter what you decide to do, just remember that we are going through this pandemic together, and sharing kindness during this season can do no harm!

Monday: Covid-19 vaccination – Uber asks that rideshare drivers be classified as essential workers.

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