Many people believe that being an Uber Partner means being a good driver, but it’s really so much more than just getting a rider to their destination.  Your driving skills are important but are minor in relation to your customer service skills!
7x7 Experience, Inc. is the oldest and largest provider of professional development for Uber Partners. Our sessions are designed to dramatically increase your star rating.  Sessions are given by actual Uber Drivers who know and understand the challenges all Uber Partners face and who have used 7x7 techniques with their own riders to maintain high ratings.
The techniques you will acquire during the session have been developed so you can deliver an experience that exceeds the expectations of the rider.  Your professionalism and customer service skills used in combination with being a good driver are what make every trip a 5-star experience. 
We at 7x7 Experience have what you need to get you there in the quickest way possible.

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