Lyft announced it would be installing plexiglass dividers in its Express Driver rental program back in July. It was to be rolled out first in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Phoenix, Dallas and New York City with other cities to follow according to Fox Business.

CNET reported that Lyft would be installing partitions to some drivers for free while others would have to pay $50 for installation.

In a previous post back in June, we discussed the availability of dividers online through companies like Amazon and others. These dividers have been used in the Taxi industry for years but their purpose was to protect drivers from violence and theft. Now they are being installed for protection from a virus but is that all the protection we need? An ABC affiliate in Sacramento recently interviewed Dr. Tom Hopkins at Sutter Health Roseville who said this about the dividers, “It’s something. It’s a barrier between a person who could potentially have COVID-19 or any germs.You still have to pay attention to social distancing. Hand washing and sanitize your environment.”

So even with a barrier, follow the safety guidelines set by your rideshare company like wearing a mask, washing your hands and practicing social distancing!

Tomorrow: Some rideshare companies you may not have heard of!

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