Back in September, Lyft began a new program called “Priority Mode”. So far the reviews of the program are not positive.

The program which drivers must opt in, requires them to accept a 10 percent pay reduction in the hopes of getting more rides funneled their way. According to Jalopnik, drivers who do not opt-in see fewer rides.

In a Mashable article, they call the program, “Lyft’s latest innovation in ripping drivers off.”

In a Reddit post, one driver wrote, “Now they’re pitting drivers against each other to see who’ll do the ride for the least amount?” “Can’t imagine the riders are paying less, so Lyft again is cutting their driver’s throat to take a greater cut of the fare! Way to drive away your workforce Lyft!”

In a CNET article, one driver joked and called Priority Mode – Poverty Mode.

With few rides because of Covid-19 and lower rates, it appears that rideshare companies are in a race to the bottom on what they are willing to pay their drivers.

Next week: Rideshare rider requests are up in Asia and South America, is North America


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