Drivers recently received an email asking them  to register their dash cameras with Uber. Some drivers are hesitant to do so. However, there are a lot of advantages if you do.

From Uber – “Notification to your riders – By registering your dashcam, your riders will be automatically notified that they may be recorded before they enter your vehicle, helping you follow local surveillance laws, and to encourage riders to treat you and your car with respect.” This is great because many states require you to notify passengers that they may be recorded.  It is still good to have some kind signage in your car as an additional reminder that they are being watched.

From Uber – “Easy video upload to report issues – With a registered dashcam, you will see a new option to upload and share the recordings with Uber support, when you report a trip issue in the Help section of your app. To access the video upload functionality you will need to update to the newest version of the Uber app.” Many drivers had struggled with this in the past. Being able to upload a video to Uber efficiently is a great benefit. Getting that video to Uber quickly could help to prevent driver deactivations resulting from false rider claims.

From Uber – “Don’t worry, you’re in control of your video. Uber’s support team can only watch or listen to your dashcam recordings if you choose to share them. But we encourage you to share a video if you ever need to report a safety incident, as it will help Uber take the appropriate action.” This detail should be a given.

Dashcam options – If you haven’t purchased a dashcam, it really is a great way to protect yourself. Not only does it help with rider issues, it can also be the evidence you need to show you were not at fault in a car crash. Check out this previous blog post on some great dashcam options – What do you look for when buying a dash camera for rideshare?

There are so many reasons to say YES to dashcams and registering them with Uber!

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