Many rideshare drivers believe that they should not help a rider load their luggage. I believe that drivers should be helping their riders with their luggage. This post is not about starting a debate on that issue. Let’s just say you are amongst the group who does and leave it there. However, in the light of Covid-19, should this practice continue? I have held my 5.0 star rating for many years and I believe that we are not just offering someone a ride but we are also providing a service. But what is the risk of exposure?

The CDC has written an article about the Coronavirus exposure through luggage and they say the risk is low but read it for yourselves and make your own decision.

My personal thought is you should continue to help someone with their luggage but in a new way. On a few recent trips, I got out of the car and opened the trunk for the rider but asked if they wouldn’t mind loading the luggage themselves and then the same procedure when dropping them off. So far it has worked. I do suggest having a box of latex gloves in the trunk just in case a rider says they have a disability or some other reason that prevents them from lifting.

Make sure you know how to safely remove latex gloves. Checkout this previous blog post that includes this information.

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