Wearing a mask is now part of our daily lives. By wearing a mask, we are doing our part to help protect ourselves, our families, and others. As with anything, there are always dos and don’ts for us to follow.

Edward and Elmhurst Health has compiled a very thorough list. For the complete list click on their link but here are some of most enlightening ones below:


  • DO ensure your mask has multiple layers of tightly-woven fabric and that you can breathe through it.
  • DO wash your hands before you put on your mask, every time you touch it and immediately after removing it.
  • DO know the proper way to put on and remove the mask. (See the previous blog on April 14th)
  • DO consider wearing a mask at home if you live and interact with older adults or someone who is immunocompromised.


  • DON’T push your mask down on your chin to eat or drink. Remove it completely, perform hand hygiene, and then put it back on snugly when finished.
  • DON’T wear a mask that hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly, or that is soiled, torn, saturated, damaged, or has any distortions in shape or form.
  • DON’T let the mask provide a false sense of security. You can still get infected by touching your eyes (which aren’t covered by a face mask).

The CDC is another great resource with information on mask-wearing that is based on science. Please continue to wear your mask until the scientific experts tell us not to.

*Previously posted on 8/26/2020

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