It’s going to happen – you are going to have to replace your car tires. Often people choose to go to some of the well known retailers like Costco, Big O, Goodyear and more. However, purchasing them online may now be the best way to go!

Car Talk has chosen 6 online retailers based on price, selection, customer service and fast delivery.  Of those 6 I have listed their top 3 below with some information about each one.

Tire Rack -According to Car Talk, “Tire Rack is simply the king of online tire retailers. Their site is an amazing resource of everything you could possibly want to know about tires.” This is my go to for new tires. Even though they are an online retailer, I usually place my order over the phone. I have found their service reps to be very helpful and full of product knowledge.

Discount Tire Direct – ”If Tire Rack is Coca-Cola, you could think of Discount Tire Direct as RC Cola. It got its start the same way Discount Tire’s advantage over Tire Rack is that while it does ship directly to your house, it also manages a number of stores in convenient locations around the country that can handle the mounting and balancing duties.” – “ is relatively new to the tire business, but it’s quickly making some headway. On the plus side, if you have an Amazon Prime membership you get free shipping, which is kind of a big deal with tires. Selection is sort of a plus for Amazon, too, although we say that with a caveat. Like everything else on Amazon, it’s a caveat to the emptor.”

As with any big purchase, do your homework. Don’t just shop by pricing but check ratings, reviews and compare. If you make an informed decision you will likely be pleased with your purchase.

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