What a different ride!

As rideshare drivers we all have made changes, including wearing masks, rolling down windows and even installing car dividers between us and our passengers. This really impacts our experience – but what about the experience of the rider?

With Uber, riders must agree to wear a mask and they are warned that if they don’t comply, their ride can be canceled. 

Another change that many riders may not like is riding with the windows down. Not only is it windy, sometimes the noise this creates can be really loud, which is distracting and also makes it difficult for them to talk on their phones.

The change that may impact the rider the most is when a divider has been installed. Dividers effect air from freely flowing throughout your car, they also limit the rider’s ability to communicate with you the driver, and they may make riders feel claustrophobic or make it difficult for riders to see clearly where they are going. Not to mention that if dividers are not kept clean, it can make your car feel dirty and uncomfortable for the rider. Riders like a clean feeling car, especially right now.  Make sure you are cleaning a divider often to remove dust, smudges and fingerprints. If you have a plexiglass divider in your car here is what Tap Plastics says on how to maintain its appearance.

Even with all of the changes we as a society are all making, the one thing we can offer each other including our riders is compassion and understanding. 

Tomorrow: The benefits of keeping your tires properly inflated

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