We are all spending a lot more time at home right now. One way to pass the time is to play board games – and if you can incorporate travel dreams into your game play, even better!

Back in March, the Washington Post published an article on 12 board games with a travel theme. From that list, I have picked what I believe would be the most fun to play during this time of social distancing.

Pandemic is an extremely popular cooperative board game for 2-4 players or teams about racing to cure a global viral outbreak by traveling around the world and investing resources in research and relief. As the Washington Post says, “Dark humor, cathartic, or triggering? You decide.” There are expansions available as well if you get really into it. For ages 8 and up. From $36.

Ticket to Ride is a chance for cross-country train travel! Up to 5 players will try to lay out the longest train tracks for maximum points. Simple to learn and with versions set all across the globe, it’s a surefire hit. Ages 8 and up, from $41.

Trekking the National Parks awards points for seeing the most nature has to offer! You and up to 5 other competitors will try to visit as many national parts using the travel resources you have available to end up as the winner. From $44

There are a lot of other great travel board games choices listed in the article, be sure to check them all out. (If you want even more options, you can try BoardGameGeek’s “Travel” category.) So even though we can’t travel much right now, we can dream of places to go and have family fun while doing it! 

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