A cell phone holder has become an essential accessory for any car owner. Whether you use it for GPS, to play your favorite tunes or to simply talk with someone hands free, you need a holder that works well.

The variety of holders out there seems endless but there are 2 basic things to consider when making a purchase: how will it be mounted to your car and how will it hold onto your phone? Motor Day has compiled a list of 25 holders and their top 5 are a great starting point:

  1. Penom Magnetic Phone Car Mount is how reliable it and how easy is it to use
  2. Bosynoy Cell Phone Holder for Car – adheres to your dashboard using a mildly sticky pad that keeps it in place.
  3. Arteck Universal Mobile Phone Car Holder – one of the cheapest cell phone holders for cars on market
  4. WizGear Universal Magnetic Car Mount Holder – a rugged cell phone holder that isn’t going to break with regular use, like some cheap models.
  5. Baseus Air Vent Compatible Car Phone Mountthe most costly cell phone holder for cars in our top five. The design of the bracket that holds the phone in place. The gravity-sensing bracket grips extra tightly when the phone is upside down so it won’t fall out.

There are a lot of great choices so choose what’s right for you.

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