Sunglasses are not just a cool accessory – they can also help to protect your eyes, especially when you spend a lot of time behind the wheel. We often hear about polarized sunglasses and how great they are for driving because they reduce glare from the sun. Unfortunately, these types of sunglasses also make it difficult to clearly see anything on your phone, including your GPS. So what are some options that will work with our phones while cutting down on glare?

Accordion to Select Specs there are 2 key factors to consider when when choosing a your new sunglasses;

Lens Color – “The best lenses for driving sunglasses are grey and brown because they are colour-neutral, meaning they do not alter how colours appear when worn. Many sunglasses specifically designed for drivers also feature yellow and amber-toned lenses, which can help to enhance contrast and definition.” Stay away from lens colors that are pink, blue and green as they can alter the color red, like those coming from a car’s brake lights!

Tint Density – “Whichever (safe!) colour lenses you opt for, tint density is another important consideration.” Tint density is rated on a  scale of 0 (clear) to 4 (very dark), and is the most important factor for determining how much light is able to reach the wearer’s eyes. By law, all sunglasses need to be marked with their applicable density number. The best density for driving is a 3.” The highest density is a 4 but it is much too dark for driving!

All other factors like frame style and color are really secondary when it comes to what is truly best. 

Shopping for sunglasses during a pandemic can be difficult, But there are lots of online options. Some online retailers like Amazon, Zenni Optical and Warby Parker all have great return policies making shopping for just the right pair a safe possibility!

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