We all know that keeping the inside of your car clean and clear of clutter has a positive impact on your star rating. However, the trunk of the car is often overlooked!

I recently took an Uber and was carrying a few bags with me after some grocery shopping. The driver popped the trunk for me to place everything inside. When I saw the condition of his trunk, I was immediately uncomfortable. Rumbling in the trunk was what looked like a dirty infant car seat, a roll of paper towels that had come unrolled, a couple of used face masks stuffed in the corner, and dusty and dirty trunk mat. I reluctantly placed my bags back there after tying them closed.

First impressions matter! The inside of the car itself was clean but for the entire trip I kept thinking about my groceries and how I was going to have to immediately wash everything as soon as I got home. 

We’ve all been busy dealing with the effects of Covid-19.  You may have decided to go back to driving and did a full cleanup of the inside of your car but don’t forget about your trunk! The star ratings game can be a tough one. I nicely told him about his mess in his trunk and that I was a driver too and was only trying to help him. He took the feedback well. I did give him 5 stars and a tip but some riders will not be so understanding!

*Previously posted on June 5th

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