If you are driving for a rideshare company you are likely doing it to make money and not as a hobby. One way to boost your income is through tips. I belong to several rideshare groups. I often read how frustrated drivers are with their riders and rideshare companies. They often feel that the payment they receive per ride does not warrant any kind of service above the bare bone basics.

PBS has an article about why people tip, and the size of a restaurant bill is the number one way to affect how much of a tip someone will leave. Rideshare drivers have no influence over the size of the bill so what can we do?

I believe that if we are just doing the bare bone basics, we are making a critical mistake. Providing excellent customer service is the reason people tip. However, not everyone tips all the time so tipping is not guaranteed. We, as drivers, need to accept that fact. People tip based on how the driver makes them feel! A rider who had a great experience equals a potential tip! But if you provide just the basics, the payment will be basic as well – no tip. (Of course, giving the rider a bad experience will guarantee no tip, and may be costly to your rating.)

If service contributes to the size of tips, then we can think of it as a numbers game. By consistently providing great service, you will consistently get more tips.

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