A lot of rideshare drivers who do not currently have a dashcam are currently looking for one. Now is a great time because so many brick and mortar or online retailers are offering some greater deals.  

If you are in the market for one of the cameras, I suggest you check out the post from July 20th, ‘What do you look for when buying a dash-cam”.  

Some of the reasons  rideshare drivers are making this investment include things like personal safety and false claims by riders against drivers. However, could owning one of these cameras have an unforeseen benefit? An article posted by Frontiers in Psychology, “suggests that people observed by cameras feel that their behavior is being evaluated, and hence might adjust their behaviors following social norms. Findings from their study indeed showed that people were more willing to assist others when a camera was present and visible.” The idea that people were more willing to assist could also translate into higher ratings for drivers. 

I did see a slight uptick in the number of 5-star ratings after I installed my dash-cam. However, I can not claim that it was a direct result of having a camera in my car. 

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